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Welcome to YG Ladies – the first and largest international fansite dedicated to YG’s 4-member girl group, 2NE1 (투애니원)! The tight-knit YG Ladies team strives to provide 2NE1 fans (known as BLACKJACKS) from all around the world with the latest, most accurate news and media about South Korea’s fierce foursome 2NE1.

On August 27th 2010, the two powerhouse 2NE1 international fansites, YGLadies and YGSecret21, merged to become a unified home for international Blackjacks worldwide. Housing over 42,000 registered members, BLACKJACKS visit the site 800,000 times per month (on average) and post thousands of monthly comments. YGL truly is a haven for Blackjacks.

YGLadies’ philosophy is to ‘create a place that Blackjacks, all Blackjacks, can call home‘. We are dedicated to fully supporting ALL FOUR members of 2NE1. We are committed to reaching out to Blackjacks across the globe and help them in any way we can to interact with their fellow fans.

However, it’s been a long journey from our early days, to the fansite we have become today.

On June 8, 2008 YGLadies (“YGL”) began as an invisionfree board called YGLadys because 2NE1 had not yet debut and since they were YG Entertainment’s second girl group, it was as if they would represent the “ladies” of YGE. During the time when YGL was on invisionfree, Cindy (cindy–rox) and Julie (julayy) took YGLadys under their wing. They helped YGL grow into what they hoped would be a good international forum for the girls. Once we had an understanding of when the girls would debut, we got an offer to move to IPB. We accepted whole-heartedly and decided to change our name from YGLadys to YGLadies…and thus YGLadies was born!

From it’s humble beginning,s until August 2010, YGL achieved many things, from being one of the first, if not the first, international kpop fansite to gift their idol with an iPad to appearing on Korean news portal Nate News. YGL’s growth was nothing short of astounding.

The YG Secret21‘s beginnings were no less auspicious. On August 10, 2008, The YG Secret (“YGS”) was created on invisionfree. As with YGL, at that time the girls didn’t have an official name..they were just constantly referred to as the “Female Big Bang”. But these girls have their own separate identity and YGS’ founder Hang (dookietookie) didn’t think it was fair to refer to the girls this way. Thus, she named the site THE YG SECRET because with the talents we saw from their training vids, I was very sure that they’d be the recipe for success. She figured they’d be YG’s new “secret weapon”. Once the 2NE1 name was revealed, the forum was renamed The YG Secret: 21.

Over the next two years, the forum would see many success from creating a well-known subbing team, Royal Ace Subs, to Aimee Lee Lucas personally delivering the Sweet Life project, to Dara uploading gifts onto her me2day and gaining thousands of supporters.. TYGS was growing well..

In August of 2010, the administrators and senior staff of YGL and YGS began what would end up being well over 20+ hours of intense negotiations to merge the two forums. The redundancy of having both forums translate the same materials, post the same photos/videos, report the same news, over-extend staff, and basically split the loyalties of our fellow Blackjacks had taken its toll on everyone.

Though there were many tense moments, even tears in some instances, our love for 2NE1 and Blackjacks encouraged us to put our past hurts, mistrust, pettiness, and selfishness aside to do what was best for international fans. On August 27th, 2010, once we had weathered the storm, we all were positively elated to announce the merging of YGL and YGS.

Since the merge, there have been nothing but good things for YGL. Having had the spotlight from the Kmedia for our 2NE1st Anniversary Project, MTV IGGY in 2011 and several acknowledgments from the 2NE1 girls themselves, the YGL family (staff, donors & members) works even harder together to show 2NE1 the best of love and support from their international fanbase.

We encourage all Blackjacks to interact here at ACCESS and register at our forum for access to even more coverage of all the girls’ activities, as well as reading/posting fanfics, checking out artwork, and even a cool marketplace in an environment that is both welcoming and fun.

You’ll be able to mingle around with other Blackjacks from different parts of the world in our various forum hangouts and share your love for 2NE1 with each other! Come join and help continue the nearly four year YGL legacy of sharing the Blackjack love for our 2NE1 girls as they take it to the top! ★

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