“The stage is like an addiction. Since singing and dancing had been my dreams all this time, I fall even more into those charms every time I’m on stage. These days I get the urge to make the audience go crazy.”

Name: Gong Minji/공민지

Stage Name: Minzy
Date of Birth: 
18th January 1994
Gwangju, South Korea
161cm (still growing )
Blood Type: 
YG Entertainment – 2NE1
Vocal, Rapper, Dancer
Group Position: 
Maknae (Youngest)
Music production, writing lyrics, dancing, singing, photography, drawing
Japanese, Chinese
Favorite Color: 

The granddaughter of famous traditional dancer Gong Ok-jin, Minzy was discovered after someone uploaded a dance audition clip of hers onto the internet and it caught the attention of YG’s Yang Hyun Seok. He scouted her into YGE shortly after seeing the clip.

2NE1’s maknae has evolved alot over the last few years. She consistently improves and reveals new talents. Dubbed  as Eromaknae, when she first emerged on the scene it was her sexy dance moves that grabbed everyone’s attention. Since then Minzy has shown that she is so much more than a one-dimensional idol. Minzy sings, dances, raps, draws, designs clothes, builds Gundnams, is learning to speak three languages, knits….and has an endless list of other hobbies.

It is through her twitter account that Minzy has showered fans and non-fans alike with evidence of her awesomeness; sharing insightful quotes, a flawless musical taste and posting impressive clips of herself singing as well as dancing.

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In her own words….

“I like to do new things as well as try new things . I dream of freedom like the sky and like the color pink. I like funny things. I hate to think that anything is impossible; I am stubborn, prideful, as well as competitive. I love to read, and if I start something it is hard for me to stop. I don’t like difficult and confusing things; I like being organized and like to think by my self sometimes. I like to plan ahead and dream that those plans will come true. I like to give and it makes me happy to see smiles when I give. I seem like a strong person but I do get hurt a lot because I am young. But I tend to hide those feelings. Sometimes I explode when my patience can hold no longer. Even though it is a difficult time for me, I can go on with my life with the thought of happiness in the future. But when I do feel content and joyful I feel impressed. I know that time goes by really fast and move quickly with it. I can’t get what I want if I don’t move fast. Time. Passion and effort is important in reaching out goals. I try not to forget the person God has made me into. THIS IS ME….