Lee Chaerin/이채린

“Music has no language barrier. It’s just music, you could just listen to it and feel it. When you’re on stage, you connect to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean, or in English. It’s just a matter of what we show and inspire.”

Name: Lee Chaerin/이채린

Stage name: CL
Position: Leader, Vocals, Lead Rapper, Dancer
Date of Birth: February 26, 1991
Star Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Height: 162cm (5ft 4in)
Weight: 45kg
Specialties: Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Writing lyrics, Drawing (and color)
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, French
Favorite Color: Black, White, and sometimes brown/tan
Favorite Flower: White Roses
Favorite accessories: Sunglasses

cl collage

The fierce, sexy and passionate leader of 2NE1 instantly grabs your attention with her assertive and immense stage presence. However, it is her charismatic off-stage personality that seals your admiration for her. At first known for her rapping and general performing energy, CL has later surprised us with her wonderful vocal talents. It is her unrelenting stage charisma that is the foundation of 2NE1′s live performance style. She is the foundation on which the other girls flourish and her she seriously manages her role as leader.

CL was born in Seoul, South Korea, but travelled frequently with her family. Hence she spent much of her youth in other countries including, Japan and France. Thus, CL was exposed to a variety of cultures and languages throughout her youth. CL became an YG Trainee in late 2006, contributing to various Big Bang albums and officially part of the YG family in late 2007. After her debut with 2NE1, she was featured in the track ‘The Leaders’ by Big Bang member, G-Dragon and Teddy of 1TYM. She and fellow 2NE1 member Minzy released a popular digital single, ‘Please Don’t Go’ in late 2009.


Things we associate with CL:




Credit: http://lovely-2ne1.tumblr.com

Solo Discography:

Hot Issue (Intro) [GD FT. CL] (A: Brave Brothers|C: Brave Brothers & GD|L: GD)

A Good Man [BIGBANG FT. CL] (A: Kush|C: Kush & T.O.P|L: T.O.P)
D.I.S.C.O [UHM JUNG HWA FT. CL] (A,C&L: Teddy)
What [YMGA FT. YG FAMILY] (A: Masta Wu|C: Kush|L: CL,DM,GD,Kush,Masta Wu,Perry & Teddy)

Kiss [DARA FT. CL] (A,C&L: Teddy)
The Leaders [GD FT. CL & TEDDY] (A: Teddy|C: GD & Teddy|L: CL,GD & Teddy)
1st DIGITAL SINGLE [2009]: Please Don’t Go [CL&MINZY] (A,C&L: Teddy)

(CF/Promo) ADIDAS: All Originals Make Moves [CL] (L: CL)

(A= Arranger|C= Composer|L= Lyricist)