Park Bom (박봄)

 “I never gave up till the end, and even though I came this far, It was very tough, but I never gave up on my dream”

Name: Park Bom/ 박봄
Note: Bom’s last name is not, nor has it ever been Lee.

Stage Name: Park Bom, Bom
Position: Main Vocals
Date of Birth: March 24, 1984
Star Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Height: 164cm (5ft 4in)
Weight: 43kg
Specialties: Singing, Dancing, Piano, Flute, Cello
Languages: Korean, English.
Favorite Color: Green, Pink, Red
Pet: Yeoreum, Choco and Dancho
Favorite accessories: Short dresses, Make-up, Food.

Park Bom, 2NE1’s eldest, yet considered to be the youngest at heart, is a unique 8D personality.  Her love for corn and quirky personality has earned her the nickname “Alien” Bom is almost universally adored. Most importantly though, she is the owner of a voice that gives people shivers.

Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to the U.S when she was a teenager to study. She graduated high school and enrolled into Lesley University with a major in psychology, where she fell in love with music through Mariah Carey. Hence, with encouragement from her aunt (and unawareness of her parents), she transferred to the Berklee College of Music to pursue a music career. She returned to Korea and auditioned to become a singer at YGE, but was rejected for three years, until she was finally accepted and immediately became a trainee.

Making her first appearance at Big Bang‘s First Showcase with ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Stand Up For Love’, Bom went on to feature with the likes of Lee HyoriLexyKim Ji Eun, and Red Roc. As part of 2NE1, she has also released solo singles, ‘You and I’ and ‘Don’t Cry’ both of which have been chart toppers. She has also continued to collaborate with YG Artists including, G-Dragon and Lee Hi.

CR: blinger3.tumblr

Things we associate with Bommie:






Solo Discography:

1st DIGITAL SINGLE [2009]:

You & I [BOM] (A,C&L: Teddy)
2nd DIGITAL SINGLE [2011]:
Don’t Cry [BOM] (A: Teddy|C&L: Teddy & Lydia Paek)

We Belong Together [GD&TOP FT. BOM] (A: Teddy|C: GD|L: GD&TOP)
Forever With You [GD&TOP FT. BOM] (A: Brave Brothers|C: GD|L: GD&TOP)

Along My Way [RED ROC FT. MASTA WU & BOM] (A: Nassun|C: Nassun & Red Roc|L: Masta Wu & Red Roc)
Baby Boy [LEXY FT. BOM] (A&C: Perry|L: Lexy)

We Belong Together [BAEKKYOUNG REMIX] [GD&TOP FT. BOM] (A: BaekKyoung|C: GD|L: GD&TOP)
We Belong Together [ENGLISH VER] [GD&TOP FT. BOM]

Oh Yeah [GD&TOP FT. BOM] (A&C: Jung Sunwoo & Teddy|L: Teddy, GD&TOP
I’m Having An Affair [GG FT. BOM] (A: Teddy & Kush|C&L: GD,Teddy & Kush)


All I Want For Christmas [BOM&HI]

Black [JAPANESE VER] [G-Dragon FT. BOM]

LOVING LAW: Protect The Small Basics [BOM]

(A= Arranger|C= Composer|L= Lyricist)