2NE1 is a four member, South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment consisting of Lee Chaerin (CL), Park BomSandara Park (Dara), and Gong Minji (Minzy). Rocking their unique style since 2009; from fierce Electronic Hip-hop to R&B, and even to a light pop-styled music, 2NE1 has captured the interest of the Korean Music industry and has also gained immense popularity internationally!

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▶Brief Background:

Even before their debut, news of the “Female Big Bang” became a hot topic for those familiar with YG Entertainment. With a long list of pre-debut activities, 2NE1 started to gain fans even before their official debut. Then, on March 27, 2009, New Evolution of the 21st Century or 2NE1 was featured in a commercial for the LG ‘Lollipop’ cell phone, with label-mates Big Bang. The collaboration was a smashing success, the immense popularity of the song helped it reach #1 on many music portals despite not being promoted on music programs, the MV was also well received, gaining millions of views on both Korea’s GOMTV and Youtube. Based on this preview, 2NE1’s official debut became one of the most anticipated events of 2009.

2NE1 finally made an official debut at SBS’ Inkigayo on May 17, 2009. The quartet performed their chart-topping digital single ‘Fire‘produced by Teddy Park of 1TYM. The group splashed on the scene feisty and fierce, with 100% girl power. 2NE1 truly gave a strong and lasting impression to the public and to the KPOP world.

After the release of their fist self-titled Mini Album, 2NE1 started promotions for their title track ‘I Don’t Care’. The song topped many charts and won on various music shows. As 2009 wound down, and with an ever-increasing number of awards and honours, 2NE1 gained the title ‘Super Rookies of 2009’. Since then they have continued to build on that success with the release a full length Album, ‘To Anyone’ as well as another Mini Album, both of which have gained an incredible amount of critical as well as commercial success.

In 2012 and beyond 2NE1 is planning for a U.S debut, further expansion into Japan and a continuation of their success in Korea.

Since then the girls have released chart-topping singles and recently released their second full album ‘Crush’.

This is just the beginning for the Girl Group and they continue to chant “Nolza” every step of the way!


Name: 이채린 (Lee Chae Rin)   (FULL PROFILE)

Stage name: CL
Birth Date: 
February 26, 1991 
Leader, vocal, rap

Blood type: O
Interests: Music production, composing, fashion, writing lyrics, drawing, dancing, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, reading, Teddy Park.



Name: 공민지 (Gong Minji)   (FULL PROFILE)

Stage name: Minzy
Birth Date: January 
18, 1994
Position: Rapper: 
vocal, dancer
Height: 161cm 
(still growing~!)
44kgBlood type: A
Interests: Music production, writing lyrics, studying lyrics, dancing, cooking, taking photographs, picking clams, knitting, watching films, listening to music.

Minzy TAG


Name: : 박산다라 (Sandara Park)   (FULL PROFILE)

Stage name: Dara
Birth Date: November 12, 1984
Position: Vocals
Blood type: O
Height: 162cm
Weight: 40 kg
Interests: Music, loves to eat Ramyun, internet (Me2day), acting, cats, fashion, guitar

Dara TAG


Name: 박봄 (Park Bom)  (FULL PROFILE)

Stage Name: Bom
Date of Birth: March 24, 1984
Position: Main Vocals
Height:164 cm
Blood Type– AB
Interests: Listen to music, singing, playing instruments, eating, eating corn, make-up, health products, sports, Beyonce and Jay-Z.



▶Short  Korean Discography:

2NE1 1st Mini Album

1. “Fire” (Teddy Park)
2. “I Don’t Care” (Teddy Park, Kush)
3. “In the Club” (Teddy Park, Kush)
4. “Let’s Go Party” (Teddy Park, Kush, Masta Wu)
5. “Pretty Boy” (Teddy Park, Kush)
6. “Stay Together” (Choi Kyu Song, Kush)
7. “Lollipop” Ft Big Bang (Bonus Track)

2NE1 1st Full Album – To Anyone

1. “Can’t Nobody“ (Teddy Park)
2. “Go Away“ (Teddy Park)
3. “Clap Your Hands” (e.knock)
4. “I’m Busy (Big Tone, PK)
5. “It Hurts (Slow)” (e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah)
6. “Love is Ouch” (Masta Wu, Choice37, Big Tone)
7. “You and I”: Park Bom Solo (Teddy Park)
8. “Please Don’t Go”: CL & Minzy (Teddy Park)
9. “Kiss”: Dara Solo (Teddy Park)
10. “Follow Me” (Teddy Park)
11. “I Don’t Care”: Reggae Remix (Teddy Park, e.knock)
12. “Can’t Nobody”: English Version (Perry, Teddy Park)

2NE1 2nd Mini Album

1. “I Am The Best” (Teddy Park)
2. “Ugly” (Teddy Park, Lydia Paek, CL)
3. “Lonely” (Teddy Park, Kush)
4. “Hate You” (Teddy Park)
5. “Don’t Cry”: Park Bom Solo (Teddy Park, Lydia Paek)
6. “Don’t Stop the Music” (PK, Kush)

2NE1′s ‘Live Concert (Nolza)’ Album

01. Fire (Live)
02. Can’t Nobody (Live)
03. Let’s Go Party (Live)
04. I Don’t Care (Live)
05. Kiss (Live)
06. You and I (Live)
07. Don’t Cry (Live)
08. It Hurts (Live)
09. Lonely (Live)
10. Pretty Boy (Live)
11. Don’t Stop the Music (Live)
12. Clap Your Hands (Live)
13. I Am the Best (Live)
14. Ugly (Live)
15. Go Away (Live)

I Love You

I Love You (Digital Single)

2ne1 falling in love album art

Falling In Love  (Digital Single)

do you love me album cover

Do You Love Me  (Digital Single)

2NE1-MISSING-YOU-2013-1200x1200Missing You (Digital Single)


2ne1_crush_album cover

1. Crush
2. Come Back Home
3. Gotta Be You
4. If I Were You
5. Good to You
6. MTBD (CL solo)
7. Happy
8. Scream
9. Baby I Miss You
10. Come Back Home (Unplugged ver.)




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